vRack 3.0

The vRack 3.0 was introduced mid-2016. The most welcomed feature was that dedicated servers, Public Cloud instances and dedicated clouds can finally interact with each other in private networks. The goal is the guide is to explain how to configure the vRack for each of these products from the very beginning.

Order a vRack

The first step is to order a vRack. This can be done from your Control Panel. Basically, you will have to create an order for the vRack and then simply wait for its delivery that shouldn’t more than a few minutes. Do not worry, the vRack is entirely free.

First, open your Control Panel. On the left menu, click on vRack.

In the Control Panel, click on vRack on the left menu.

In the vRack page, click on Order on the left menu and choose vRack.

Click on Order on the left menu and choose vRack.

A purchase contract will appear.

The vRack purchase contract

Once you read it, click on “I have read and accepted the contract” and then on “Order”. A message will appear asking you to confirm to complete the order. Simply click on “purchase order”.

The vRack purchase contract

You will be redirected to the order page. If you scroll down at the bottom, you will see the only payment method available, the free validation. Click on the button. Enter the captcha shown on screen and confirm one more time.

Then, wait a couple of minutes. Go back in the Control Panel. Your newly delivered vRack will appear under the vRack option on the left menu.

The newly created vRack will appear in the left menu

Here what the vRack page will look like.

The vRack page in the Control Panel